Crowdfunding CO2 Removal & Reduction

Offsetting CO2 with our carbon credits supports Green Entrepreneurship

CO2 Farmers Market is an innovative way to take climate action and help reduce pollution by purchasing CO2 Credits(Tokens) that are supporting green entrepreneurship and innovation. Buying our carbon credit tokens that are minted on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) you can know that you are supporting specific CO2 R&R projects that are crowdfunding on our platform. Start sequestering CO2 by creating Green Jobs!  

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We are Solving Real Problems

Funding Carbon Negative Projects that Create Green Jobs Removing and Reducing CO2

Blockchain Technology

Offers trust and transparency in projects funding and CO2 credits

Innovative Strategy

Reduces CO2 while creating new employment opportunities

CO2 Marketplace

Brings inclusion and new possibilities to the market

The Sky's The Limit

Together we can Reduce Our CO2

Collaborate with innovators who are working on ways to reduce CO2 by providing green alternatives to things like energy production, housing construction, and many other innovative ways to reduce the CO2 we are creating. 

The Earth's our Home

Together we can Remove more CO2

Collaborate with green entrepreneurs who have boots on the ground working on ways to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere. Buying CO2 Credits from CO2 Farmers Market supports projects and people doing hard work to protect and restore the environment.

Agreements Have Been Made

Activist and Scientist agree we need to take Action

Meet Our Business Partners

They Believe In Us

These business have made public commitments to go carbon neutral and are offsetting their CO2 production by purchasing our CO2 Credits they are support job creation and helping to remove and reduce CO2 from our atmosphere. Let them know you appreciate it by giving them a visit.

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